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Yoga by krissy         

Yoga by krissy incorporates various yogic styles and philosophies to provide the satisfaction of a deep internal rejuvenation, elongation of the muscles and relaxation for the mind, body & spirit. Yoga by krissy may include the following but not limited to hatha, restorative, yin, nidra... salutations to warm up the body, allowing the mind to simply slow down... yoga students are then directed into specific yoga poses that are held for a specific length of time to allow those targeted muscles, connective tissues and tendons to lengthen, incorporating bolsters and blocks, etc as needed to ensure each students safety. This design of yoga allows your practice to advance with each breath, increasing your flexibility with each intention, while discovering your zen within. Yoga by krissy wasn't designed to just perform yoga poses & burn calories, Yoga by krissy was designed to help you realize the success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform the posture but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships. Reserve Your Yoga Space Today.

Monday No Current Classes 

Tuesday 830am & 3pm

Wednesday 7pm

Thursday 830am & 7pm

Friday 330pm​

Saturday No Current Classes

Sunday No Current Classes

$10 Single Class Spa-Me-Monthly Member

$12 Single Class Pre-Registered

​$15 Single Class Walk-In

$100 (10) Classes Prepaid

Limit 10 students per class

*Yoga by krissy is appropriate for all levels, all sizes, all ages, both male and female.

*Classes cancelled without 3 hour notice will be subject to full charge.

*For discounted yoga classes, please refer to Spa-Me-Monthly for details

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-Licensed Aethetics Establishment No. 1098-69

-200hr Certified Yoga Instructor