Warm Touch Body Spa meets all state license requirements to provide services & classes.

-Licensed Massage Therapist No. 10545-146

-Licensed Aesthetician No. 2090-086

-Licensed Aethetics Establishment No. 1098-69

-200hr Certified Yoga Instructor

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Spa-Me-Monthly Membership

Spa-Me-Monthly membership offered exclusively only at Warm Touch Body Spa, allows a spa customer to receive discounted spa services on a regular basis. You can become a Spa-Me-Monthly member at anytime, this is an ongoing membership that will never expire.

How does it work?
Spa client selects one of the following discounted options to receive on a monthly basis:

60min Signature Massage (normally $60 discounted down to $50)
60min Deep Tissue Massage (normally $65 discounted down to $55)
Brazilian or Playboy (normally $65 discounted down to $50)
5 (five)Yoga by krissy classes (normally $60 discounted down to $50)

Please note there is one time $50 sign up fee due when the SMM membership is activated to have everything run automatically on the SMM members account. Following the activation of the SMM membership, the 1st of every month the credit or debit card on file is charge for the amount of the service selected. That service selected gets applied to the account of the SMM member and will remain on the account until that service is redeemed. This process repeats monthly until either Krissy retires or the SMM member cancels their membership.

Please note beyond this one time fee SMM members will never have any additional fees (no yearly, no annually, no renewal, etc). SMM members can cancel their membership at anytime without any repercussions, you are not obligated to any length of time of commitment when signing up. The monthly service chosen must be redeemed by the last business day of the month or the service is forfeited. SMM membership fee & SMM monthly services can not be paid with a gift card or gift certificate, but SMM members are encouraged to utilize gc's for additional services. SMM members automatically receive 15% off any additional services redeemed throughout the year, including 20% off during the month of SMM members birthday. SMM members can not roll services from one month to another. SMM members can not switch their monthly chosen service to a different monthly service. SMM members can not gift their monthly service to any one else.

Want to sign up as a SMM member, schedule your service or class today & your membership will be activated the day of your appointment/class!