$50     Female Bikini A Little More
$65     Female Brazilian 
$65     Female Playboy 
$20     Full Butt (Full)

$25&up  Male Beard Shaping

$50     Male Bikini A Little More
$80     Male Brazilian 
$80     Male Playboy

$20     Full Butt (Full)

$35     Upper or Lower Back  
$75     Upper & Lower Back-includes shoulders

$35     Chest or Stomach
$75     Chest & Stomach-includes shoulders

​​Full Body Hair Removal

Please READ if you are a NEW CLIENT or you have SHAVED since your last hair removal appointment... you MUST have minimum 7 to 10 days of hair growth, any less & we can NOT achieve a successful hair removal experience.

Warm Touch Body Spa encourages both males & females, no matter the size to receive hair removal at our establishment.

$15     Eyebrows

​$15     Nostrils

$15     Female Lip

$15     Female Chin

$15     Female Hairline/Cheeks

$45     Female Full Face

$35     Half Arms

$45     Full Arms

$15     Underarms

$45     Half Legs

$65     Full Legs

Warm Touch Body Spa meets all state license requirements to provide services & classes.

-Licensed Massage Therapist No. 10545-146

-Licensed Aesthetician No. 2090-086

-Licensed Aethetics Establishment No. 1098-69

-200hr Certified Yoga Instructor

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