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Book Online Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find any availability, no options come up when I search, are you open??

Services by Krissy are provided during the following hours:

Monday 830am to 430pm

Tuesday 830am to 430pm

Wednesday 830am to 830pm

Thursday 830am to 830pm

Friday 830am to 430pm 

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

If no available appointments appear during your search, that means another client has already booked that time frame. You must look at additional dates for other appointment options..

I went to book an appointment online. I selected an appointment that was available, now it's not after I checked again. Why can't I book that appointment?

Please note our system is live, meaning we don't need to accept or process an appointment request for any appointment you book online. If you do not process your appointment request in a timely matter or you allow it to sit there for whatever reason, for double booking avoidance our online scheduler will time out. You must continue with the process until you get a confirmation or it will lock you out of your original appointment time preference.  That online safety ensures there are no double booking of appointments. At that point you must wait 5 to 10 minutes, go back in and finish booking your appointment.

Your system asked me for my credit card, I don't want to put my card online. Or I have a gift card I am using.

Our online scheduler online booking process is set up the same as if you are talking to us on the phone.  By requiring your card on file that allows our system to validate you are a real person, a real appointment request, etc. Please note we can't bypass the required "credit care or debit card required on file option". You card on file is encrypted. Your card is charged by Warm Touch Body Spa only one of two ways: #1 if you authorize it for a service. #2 If you NO SHOW for an appointment (see NO SHOW policy for further description). If you have a gift card to utilize for payment, no problem just make sure you bring it with the day of service to be redeemed.

Yes I have read the Book Online FAQ. Click here to continue with your appointment search.

Warm Touch Body Spa meets all state license requirements to provide services & classes.

-Licensed Massage Therapist No. 10545-146

-Licensed Aesthetician No. 2090-086

-Licensed Aethetics Establishment No. 1098-69

-200hr Certified Yoga Instructor